1-3. Alarm 1-3. Alarm I.Setting the alarm mode  01.(A1d1=00)turn off the alarm function  02.(A1d1=01)deviation high alarm(with hold action)  03.(A1d1=11)deviation high alarm  04.(A1d1=02)deviation low alarm(with hold action)  05.(Ad1=12)Deviation low alarm  06.(A1d1=03)deviation low alarm(with hold action)  07.(A1d1=13)deviation high/low alarm  08.(A1d1=04)deviation band alarm(with hold action)  09.(A1d1=14)deviation band alarm  10.(A1d1=05)process high alarm(with hold action)  11.(A1d1=15)process high alarm  12.(A1d1=06)process low alarm(with hold action)  13.(A1d1=16)process low alarm  14.(A1d1=07)program End,Alarm delay  15.(A1d1=17)program run alarm  16.(A1d1=08)input signal failure alarm (ON)  17.(A1d1=18)input signal failure alarm (OFF)  18.(A1d1=09&19)ramp rate&holding temperature time  19.(A1d1=a)rurrent monitoring alarm  20.(A1d1=b)Programmable-alarm event set  21.(A3d3=E)Output percentage limit tume output  22.(A3d3=F)OUT ON/OFF time chronograph  II.Parameter(HYSA) alarm deviation  III.Parameter(STAL=1000.0000)alarm delay  IV.Parameter(STAL) AL reverse  ------------《Hardware modifications》------------  01.Optional features- KC-6/8/900 Increase AL2  02.Optional features- KC-6/8/900 Increase AL3 KE CHYUN ELECTRIC CO., LTD