1-5. Programmable Function 1-5. Programmable Function 1.Programmable - boot screen  2.Programmable - HOLD / END screen  3.Basic parameter-Set and Operating Instructions  4.Parameter (ProG) application  5.(St-5-3) Waiting feature  6.(St-8-1) Repeated execution  7.(St-8-2) Power and memory function  8.(St-8-3)From the PV started  9.(St-8-4) From a first group executed  10.(St-9-1) Screen does not return  11.(St-9-2) Time units  12.(St-9-3) Communication modify memory storage  13.(St-9-4) Alarm Timing  14.(A1d1=b) Alarm event set  15.(A1d1=07) At the end of the alarm  16.(A1d1=17) Executed when the alarm  17.Programmable - set a single point function  18.Child table mother table connection synchronous  19.Optional features-Programmable nine 16 segment