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I. Download KCE MODBUS_RS485 Testing Softw


   KCE MODBUS_RS485 communications test software B0516 (Stand-alone) .rar



I. Execution software

File Name

KCE MODBUS_RS485 Communication Test Software B0516 (Chinese).exe


II. Screen Description



                             1. OPEN

                             2. Close

                             3. COM4:Communication port (Set their own)

                             4. XIDNO:ControllerID (Default ID:2)

                             5. XADDR:The controller reads the address

                              (SV=0,PV=128 ..                           

                              Please read the communication format table)

                             6. Read (Read when executed, RxAt the same time the need

                                 to respond to the value No value represents no connection)

                             7. Modify (Carried out Modify, Modify Values are not

                                 written EEPROM)

                             8. Wirte (Carried out Wirte, Write value EEPROM)

                             9. Tx:Send data (PC Send data to the controller)

                             10. Rx:Read data (The controller back information to PC)

                             11. MODBUSKCE format of the test, cannot be checked 

                             (KCE Format the connection afterredefinition MODBUS)



III. Cabling instructions

1. Carried outOPEN, appear Tx、Rx numerical (Figure 1)


      2.Test Connection

         (1). XADDR inpt 128(PV Address)

         (2). Carried out READ

         (3). XDTA return PV room temperature values

               (EX:263 on behalf of 26.3℃ connection success)


IV. Connection error messages

1. XDATA、Rx question mark (????) or blank indicates no connection

2. Remedy:

    (1). Check the hardware Tx、Rx are reverse or break

    (2). Check the hardware controller pin is correct

    (3). Check the software set ID(2) correct

    (4). Check the software set Baud(9600)correct

    (5). Check the software O_81 correct

    (6). Check the software COM4communication port is correct  

               (To confirm their own communications port)

    (7). Check software whether KCE preformatted (ST-6 = 0001)




    1. Controller ST-6 = 0011 for MODUBS (tens changed 1=MODBUS)

    2. Test software check MODBUS

    3. Test XADDR,XADDR address=0when SV

    4. XDATA input 1000,carried out READ,RX responses 03e8=1000 

        said the test was successful

    5. SV address =0 , PV address=128 (hexadecimal when 128=80)

    6. Use MODBUS (Man-machine interface or SCADA software)

        address to add 1