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▇ Program End,Alarm delay


1. Press and hold "MODE" key + "<" key 5 sec to enter  LEVEL 3

2. Set "A1d1=07"

3. Press AUT key Back to LEVEL1

(Press and hold" MODE" key for 5 Back to LEVEL1)

4. Set "A1d1=00.05" (Program End, Alarm ON timer 5 sec after alarm OFF)

    < AlarmON, delay 5 sec OFF>

    Set ALA1=00.00 (Program End, Alarm ON)



Set St-9-2 Switchable time unit

St-9-2 = 1 Per unit time is "min: sec"

St-9-2 = 0 Per unit time is "hour: min"

Note: St-9-2 Description please click this link