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▇ 【St 5-4】Communication parameter set



I. Controller software settings:

   1. Press and hold "MODE" key 5 sec to enter  LEVEL 2

   2. Set "Lock=1111"

   3. Press and hold "MODE" key + "<" key 5 sec to enter  LEVEL 4

   4. Set "St-5-4=1"

   (Default 0000 was revised to 1000)

   5. Press AUT key Back to LEVEL1

   (Press and hold" MODE" key for 5 Back to LEVEL1)

   6. Press and hold "MODE" key + "<" key 5 sec to enter  LEVEL 3

   7. Set Parameter ID,STOP,BAUD


II. Computer communications software set

     1. Turn on the messaging software

2. Confirm ID, STOP, BAUD controller set the same

3. Press OPEN to open communications software

4. Input the class address (PV value address=128)

5. Press Read read controller values

6. Confirm read controller values

7. Input the class address (SV value hierarchy address=0)

8. Press Read read controller values

9. Confirm read controller values

10. Input SV a value to modify the value

11. Press the Write value

12. Confirm the input value


Note: SV value can be written to modify, PV value can not be written to modify


Parameter Default

ID: 2

STOP: O_81

BAUD: 9600

Communications software download: MODBUS_RS485 Communication Test Software (Chinese)