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Product Features


  With a variety of control input signal selection

       (4~20mA/0~20mA/0- 5V/0~10V/1~5V /2~10V) switchable choose


  ● With internal power output manual adjustment and external output

       power manual adjustment + automatic adjustment


  Has a fuse open Indicator/load short open indicator (optional) / SCR

       overheating(85) indicators and abnormal alarm contact


 With load output power 0~100% shows the percentage of


  With load buffer heating time adjustment (1~25 sec)


  Have instant when you start the power resulting in instantaneous

       overcurrent protection circuit (SCR fuse is not burned)


  SCR overtemperature or FUSE fuse immediately stop output,when

       troubleshooting  pending restoration,then buffered output


  Built FAST fuseprotection SCR no damage (fuses and easy disassembly)


  ● Ultra-high efficiency heat sinks,thermal type fastgood heat dissipation


  Power frequency self-detection,50~60 Hz can be used,without any

      selection or switch


  Main power adopt a single standard design 200V~480V within

      the scope of the use of  either


  Control signal terminal blockeuropean mining detachable terminal

       block,replacementcontrol loop can avoid re-wiring


Product Specifications

 Applied voltage: Three-phase  voltage

 AC200V~480V 10% 50/60Hz(R.S.T)

Load current:
25A/ 35A/ 50A/ 63A/ 80A/
100A/          140A/ 200A/250A/ 300A/ 400A/500A/(U.V.W)


Auxiliary current: AC220V 10% 50/60Hz  

(PC Board AC1/AC2)                           


Input signal: 4~20mA,0~10V signal etc


Use of the environment: Temperature-10~55

humidity90% RH the following


Compressive strength: AC2000V/1 minute

(between supply-side  fins)       


Insulation resistance: 20mMn the above/500V  

(between supply-side fins)

Control methods and applicable load

輸出量 Output

Control mode

輸出波形 Output wave

10%Output 50% Output 90% Output

Phase angie control

Zero crossing cotrol

Phase Control:Continuity intersection control,output stability,ammeter does not shake,but every Zhouban Bo will produce harmonics
Applicable load:fixed impedance load、Variable impedance load、IRlamp

Zero control:assigned zero control,minimum resolution1Hz,does not produce harmonics,output ammeter presents jitter state
Applicable load:Fixed impedance load

Wiring and Planning Considerations


NFB→ Turn off the power in the repair and maintenance avoid personal contact

MC→ Can cut off the power supply of the load,in power regulator malfunction or  when
the temperature is higher than the set too,cut off the power supply In order to avoid high temperature burning equipment or serious accident (to be with temperature controller)

Power Regulator→ Control signal to follow to adjust the output power,to achieve
the desired temperature.the inside of the product

LOAD→ has installed high-speed fuses therefore,no installation of external fuse


● Standard main loop planning: Main Power→No fuse switch→Electromagnetic
    contactor→Power regulator→Load

● When wiring must locking screw: To avoid bad contact high temperatures

● Wiring is completed,must cover panel and secure the cover,in order to carry
    out transmission operation,in order to avoid electric shock or cause a short
    circuit conductive objects have fallen

● Power regulator used,internally generated heat,please be mounted vertically
    on both sides of the need to install and leaving gaps

● Control box with air convection vents need,please follow the hot air from
    under the principle means to vent or exhaust fan installed

● Avoid installing in serious,steam or acid flow,acid,corrosive gases

Select the input signal
Input Signal 4~20mA、
0~20mA、Manually VR adjust manual
Input Signal1~5v、
DC (1-ON/2-OFF)
Input Signal 2~10v、DC、0~10v
DC (1-OFF/2-ON)
Abnormal automati
cally boot(3-ON)
Adjustment function Display and troubleshooting
① VR1 BIAS: Reference output voltage adjustment(counterclockwise to adjust the
                     control signal the smaller input to outpu)
② VR2 MAX: The maximum output voltage adjustment (adjustment range 0~100%
                     counterclockwise adjustment Reduce the amount of full output do not
                     zerootherwise there will be no output)
③ VR3 SFS: Buffer rise time adjustment (adjustment 0~25 seconds clockwise to
                   adjust the buffer between the increase)
④ VR4 R phase: R phase adjustment
⑤ VR5 T phase: T phase adjustment

VR-100%: Output Power 0~100% If
not adjust with the need to VR go to full       output

█ RESET: Return built (restart)

█ %:Output Power 0~100% display lights


Display status

Abnormal Cause


P Power indicator does not light
(Light indicates normal)
Auxiliary power is not power transmission
PBC board failure
Check the auxiliary power supply circuit
PCB version replacement or repair machine
I Input indicator does not light
(Light indicates normal)
TIC output signal is not output
TIC output signals of opposite polarity internal
MAX VR or external external VR zero
Check the TIC output signal
Check internal MAX VR and external VR
O (Phase-light indicates normal)
(Zero-flashing indicates normal)
No TIC signal or IN lights OUT Lights
Not bright
OUT Lights off no current output
examination IN lamp,lamp is not lit, said TIC no output signal or reverse
PCB board failure,replace or repair
F Blown fuse/Power due to phase
(Light indicates abnormal)
Blown fuse or the main power is not due to transmission phase Check the main power supply or fuse replace the fuse,check the load is shorted or grounded Check the main power supply
L Load break/Load short-circuit
(Light indicates abnormal)
Abnormal load (this feature is optional) Check the load is shorted or grounded Check load
E SCR overtemperature indicator light
(Light indicates abnormal)
SCR cooling fan failure or Stuck ambient temperature exorbitant or poor ventilation Replace the fan or cleaning obligation improved ventilation
  Three-phase three-wire phase、three-phase two-wire zero wiring example
The main loop road map

  Terminal Board Description
Three-phase three-wire phase、three-phase two-wire zero

Terminal pin Terminal No. Explanation Remark
TB1 AC1 Auxiliary power Auxiliary supply voltage AC220V
TB3 Empty foot Do wiring
TB4 +5 +VDC The control panel for use,do other uses click on the tab at the specifications,the input signal The factory is 4-20mA
TB5 + Positive control signal input terminal
TB6 - Analog signal reference potential
TB7 VR-3 Connect an external potentiometer VR third Output Limit 0~100 adjustment using an external potentiometer VR(2-10)at
please VR3 VR2 short circuit between the copper removed
TB8 VR-2 Connect an external potentiometer VR second
TB9 VR-1 Connect an external potentiometer VR first
TB10 NO Alarm dry contact output (normally open) 30VAC1A Contact capacity 227VAC1A 125VAC1A
TB11 NC Alarm dry contact output (NC)
TB12 COM Alarm dry contact output (total points)
  Appearance Description