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Smoke Filters


   Iron welding station、industrial smog、tin stove、
   laser marking、Chemistry Lab
   *Medical treatment、cosmetology、
     moxibustion acupuncture and so on




     Appearance of a type of rigidfull metal frame
       structurecan resist strong collision and vibration
       compact andcan be installed at the bottom of
       the castersand move it

     Easy to installwithout having received an
       additional pipelineonducive to neat and
       beautiful workspace

     Multiple filter design to ensure that filter out
       harmful substances in smokeprotection of
       human securityearly effectin effect and
       the main filter can be replaced individually
       extend the life of the main filterreducing
       the cost of the filter element

     Built-in filtering air circulationavoid indoor air
       conditioning /heating discharged to the outdoors
       the true meaning do meetenvironmental standards
     High-power brushless DC motorsultra-low noise
       operationstablelong working lifelow
       power consumptionhigh efficiency
       (Motor zero maintenancezero supplies)
       after vortex design to metal wind round
       high windinhalation forcesafe and reliable

     Variable single / duplex designair volume
       can be adjustedsmoking pipe is able to
       change the orientation


Parameters / Model KY4102
Inlet port Ф75mm*2 Flange
Input voltage AC220V
Power 120W
Hydrostatic 1200Pa
Wind velocity 20m/s
Filtering effect 0.3μm 99.97%
Noise <55dB
Smoking pipe length 1.4M
Fan flow 320m³/h
Dimensions 410(L)X240(W)X400(H)mm
Weight 13kg

Fieldwork map

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