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Cartridge heater



Heating pipe
10D x 150L
220V 400W
Heating pipe
6.25D x 89L
240V 330W
Heating pipe
6.25D x 38L
120V 200W
Heating pipe
 Containing temperature-sensitive rods
Heating pipe
 Containing temperature-sensitive rods


cartridge heater was developed with premium material and finest craftsmanship since 1987, and it brings you superior heat transfer where it is needed.

▇  Main Features:

  • Nickel Chromium resistance wire – Assure even and efficient heat to the sheath long service life.
  • Conductor Pin – High Nickel alloy provide stable power transfer and resistance to oxidation and high temperature.
  • Magnesium oxide insulation – only premium grade is used to provide maximum dielectric strength and faster heater transfer.
  • Incoloy sheath – resists oxidation and corrosion in high temperature and contaminated environment.
  • Centerless Grinding – furnish precise diameter, closer heater to bore fit enable higher watt density.
  • UL approved wires and insulation – 300V, 600V, 180℃ and 500℃

▇  Sheath Material Options: 


Operating Temp.

SUS 304




▇  Size Ranges 











AC Rating: 110V-480V
DC Rating: 24V-48V

All customized orders are welcome
Even if you do not see your desired spec. here please contact us with any requirements and question you might have. 


▇  Lead Wire options

  • Swaged In Leads: Application where lead wire is bent accordingly to fit moulding design, 500℃rated wires are connected internally to prevent failure under high temperature environement. 
  • Crimped-on Leads: rated 180℃ or 500℃ wires and conductors are joined together by crimp-on process to ensure stable power transfer to the heater.
  • Teflon Leads: PFA leads rated 200℃ protects lead wire against moisture and contamination from oil, solvents and fumes. Minimum no heat section 25mm is required.
  • Ceramic bead insulation: suited for higher than 500C environment.
▇  Terminal Sealing Options:
  • RTV Silicone Sealant(200C) 25mm no-heat section is required
  • Epoxy Sealant(220C) 25mm no-heat section is required
  • High Temp. Silicone Sealant(350C)
  • High Temp. Specialty Cement Sealant(1000C) 


Built-In Thermo-couple Wire
Built-In Thermo-couple Wire K-type or J-type is available



Typical Application:

Injection molding - Internal heating of nozzles
Hot runner systems - Heating of manifolds
Packaging industry - Heating of cutting bars
Vacuumed forming - Heating of manifolds
Laboratories - Heating of critical component

OD tolerance: +0.00mm -0.02mm   
Length tolerance: +1.0mm -0.5mm
Output tolerance: +5% -10% (+5%, -5% at request)
QC Standard: 1.5KV/Min Dielectric Test
500V DC Above 100 MegOhm Insulation Test


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